Our work is directed to those that really appreciate the value in the final result of a great product called coffee.We have great respect for those that dedicate their time, knowledge and hard work towards the different steps composed by the productive chain that lead to the perfection of that pleasant drink obtained by the hard work of many and is part of the daily lives of many cultures and accompanies many environments across de planet. It is the ideal ally of many get-togethers and meetings, a main component of the daily diet of millions of homes, businesses and corporations, and a great friend in those that find in it a prize of excellence and dedication. Coffee is the first traded agricultural product in the world and second traded product after petroleum. Therefore, it is the greatest contribution to the livelihood of our productive regions’ most basic needs.


Coffee is linked to many cultures, history and the progress of many countries that have been able to cultivate it, consume it, and export it for more than a century; while all others want to consume it and are willing to pay to obtain the best of its attributes. The experience that is given to us by the knowledge of all of the processes, from the seed to the cup, allows us to know the tendencies of the consumers, as well as the needs of those involved in the production chain, from the growers to the consumer. It is through this that we establish ties across the world of coffee.