100% Colombian Single Origin Specialty Coffee
About 50 years ago Don Pedro Giraldo gave his first steps towards the coffee industry, and was guided
by a master in the art of coffee. He designed a coffee roaster from a 55 gallon drum mounted on two
supporters powered by a vapor engine. It had a source of heat that came from dry wood that burning
In 2006, three brothers from a third Girlado family generation in the Quindío region, returned to
their home land, a zone known by the name of “Eje del café” (coffee axle). They came with a purpose; to
continue their father, Don Pedro’s old passion, that goes back to the 60's . He roasted his first coffee
under his own brand: “El Principe”. Applying and combining traditional ways of cultivating and selecting
the beans, with contemporary trends of roasting and coffee tasting; Giraldo’s brothers founded the
“Aroma de Colombia” coffee factory. The small roasting plant was located in the Quindío capital with the
goal to continue the legacy of their father by selecting and roasting the finest coffee in the region. They
began by applying their own roasting techniques to the best coffee of origin, to the ones that had access
to the surrounding territory. For this, the “Virduinos” roaster manufactured by their father was used Since
then, they have dedicated their time to finding specialty coffee at small farms, verederas and haciendas
during times of harvest, thus, obtaining a wide variety of colorful and exotic types of coffee beans
specialties roasted individually and packed according to its origin. After culminating this chapter of their lives,
 In 2012, the Giraldo’s decided to use their knowledge and experience in the coffee industry to
establish a new company geared towards counseling, training, logistics and exportation, where they
offer consultations in all areas of coffee.
These services have also opened the doors to launch on national and international market unique
coffees, branded
“Romeo and Juliet”.
This brand is the result of years of evaluation in the ways coffee is consumed locally and worldwide.
At the same time, they decided to seek and classify micro-lots with unique profiles from the crop, to offer to
consumers of the final drink, offering them the opportunity to know and evaluate for themselves a specialty coffee,
Romeo and Juliet consumers will have the privilege of tasting the highest standards of quality of the entire
Colombian geography, conserving their origin and maintaining a chain of custody that guarantees the traceability from the beans to the cup.
For this, they work hand in hand with coffee growers that show the care and protection for their environment by applying principles that maintain a
sustainable agriculture that is nature friendly.