Our philosophy features include the direct purchase of high quality single origin beans, known as specialty coffee, which comes from a unique and different origin, what is the opposite of blends. looking for a highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee, so that knowing the beans traceability, makes easy to appreciate the subtleties in flavor and aroma, according to the variety of beans and the region where they have been cultivated; Similar to wine production, that refers to terroir, as well as tea and chocolate. Specialized roasting curves are always made by experts who seek to highlight the balance between the qualities, with lighter roasts. Within this system, well trained baristas will be able to guide costumers thru the world of coffee with information of coffee culture and preparations. They are also using alternative methods that are being imposed to make coffee, such as the siphon, pour over, or chemex, in addition to espresso, that is also complemented by a wide range of preparations that include art and passion on each drink. Green Nature Coffee House is committed with sustainable agriculture where growers take good care of nature receiving a fair pay for his product. Our Name and philosophy is totally related with “Third Wave Coffee” a contemporary movement that seeks to produce high quality coffee, treating it as an artisan foodstuff, such as wine, where every detail counts. This involves improvements in all stages of production, from cultivation and harvesting, through optimum benefit, with a closer relationships between coffee growers and roasters, to optimize the quality and fresh bean processing, process known as micro roasting; customers are also able to find all the information about each available coffee and it’s traceability, including complete detail of coffee growers and it’s farm. (Relationship coffees)